TGI The Weekend

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It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of working an a music video and our venerable Bacon & Sons hasn’t really done a proper one*, so it was a real treat EP this beautiful effort.

Directed by our David Vincent Wolf it features a couple of recongnizable folks in Nick Krause and Bailey Noble.  The real unsung hero in this has to be the wickedly talented skater/dancer Brandon Parea.   He doubles for Nick and really is magic on wheels.

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The Luminary

Chef Eli

Friend of Bacon, Chef Eli Kirshtein opened his gleaming new brasserie, The Luminary last week.  Guess who was lucky enough to have a shoot in Atlanta a few days later?  This guy with the thumbs pointed at himself.

It was fantastic.  Highly recommend your next trip to the ATL includes a visit to this great restaurant.  Eli, Jeremy and the team will show you and your mouth a good time.