And now for the Treat

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I’ve been part of more than a few show launches, but it’s something altogether different to help birth a whole network… Platform?  Content provider?  Sony PlayStation has a lot riding on their first original series, POWERS, and this cool trailer piece we shot.

As I always say, what we do is a Team Sport and we were fortunate to partner with Canyon Design Group, who concepted this idea, and Zoic who made our make-shift green world into this cityscape of flying heroes.  As always, Dan Appel bridged the two with his great eye and equally great problem-solving skills.

A Good Start…

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.35.55 PM

You know that old lawyer joke?  The one about drowning a load of them at the bottom of the ocean being a good start?  If Saul Goodman gets caught in the net, someone had better throw him a life preserver.  He’s the best.

Or at least his show sure is.

Also the best is getting to play with off-road pursuit vehicles, slick new Acuras and creepy crawly tarantulas.

It’s pretty swell to be a part of a great team.  Thanks, AMC!